West and Gordon encounter Dr. Loveless


Introduction of the agents nemesis Dr Mighelto Loveless


On a san Frnsisco waterfront there are two figures..a small man and a hulking giant. The giant kills a night watchman and then the small man kills a traveling professor with a explosive charge.West encounters the small man--He is Dr Mighelito Loveless the last member of a Spanish colonial family; Dr Loveless dream is to get back a large land grant hos family onve had in order to build a "paradise" for disadvantaged persons like himself. The only catch is..he is willing to kill a great many innocent people in order to achieve his the last second West subdues the giant and captures Loveless before he can carry out his mad plot.


  • Michael Dunn...Dr Mighleto Loveless
  • Richard Kiel...Voltaire the mute giant

Note Michael Dunn appears about 10 times in the series; after being captured the second and third time; a running gag is that remaining times his plans are foiled..yet he always escapes. Note according to the first Wild WilD West movie made after the series ended; Dr Loveless died in 1880 of ulcers brought on by having his plans ruined by West and Gordon; his 'Son" Dr Loveless Jr was played by Paul Williams